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Friday, March 18, 2011

I Dreamt ~

I slept if you want to know . I didn't sleep well at first . But, I did. Don't worry. You ? Anything happen ? Eaten ? Bath ? Body still paining ? How can I ask you ? I saw your misscall . I'm sorry, I haven't wake up yet at that time . Anyway, I dreamt. Something special and about you. Yesterday I said you look nice in a wedding dress. So fast it's over. Anyway, yesterday I dreamt of you choosing me instead of him. You are happier like that because he got 4 more child but I have only you. Then later, you stayed with me. After few months, he forgiven you and he asked you to go home because he missed you. Then, you did. But, the relationship still go on. He was touched to see how much our love is.

It's just a dream. But, a dream that I wish it would come true ! Take care b ~

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