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Friday, March 25, 2011


My life is beautiful . Why ? I have a great partner, great friends, great family and great environment ! My life in school is still going great and is my last year wearing that blue uniform. I actually got a lot of friends and actually quite popular in my school because of my friends. You know how ?

How great is my friends. I got seven of them and including me we are the gang ! They encourage me and support me until the end and with that, I have the courage to move on in my life ! I personally thank my friends who really have been there for me. When they see me upset, they'll write a letter to me and cheer me up with the way of their own. It's special, unique and one of a kind.

Baby, you are also special for me. You have been really supporting me until the end. No matter what I did, you forgive me and lead me a life that I can't really imagine. Our journey have been beautiful and I'm sure there's more beautiful path ahead !

With you and my friends, my life will be a RAINBOW !

I haven't mention my family because I always know they are always there for me just like everyone's else family ! I love and care everyone that care for me and really much thanks to all of you, and that's why I have my today !

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