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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thanks mummy ♥

Maaa, you are sick, u should go to c doctor ma, y not ? sakit aty bila tengok mama sakit! x sukah sama sekali. I'm sorry i alwaz offended u, never listen to u, and selalu buat mami marah, but i sayang u. Mami, please, take care of urself, take care of us !

Gong gong, eventhough we weren't alwaz close, maybe never, but i love u too coz u are my grandfather. Please get well soon, and everyone, tolong doakan tuk saya yg sudah tua n sedang sakit, doakan dia sihat cpat. Dah tua, pity him must suffer.

Please Big Man , hear my prayers, take care of my Gong Gong, my Mami, my PoPo, my Mama Sheah and all others family members and me dearest sayang ! I love them all and trully care ♥

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