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Monday, April 4, 2011

I hate ****** man !

****** man FUCK !! I always hated them until now they FUCKING did something to my beloved ! FUCK FUCK FUCK ! They don't deserve to live . They should go to HELL !

****** man are show off king, they act macho but never is ~ My own experience, an ****** boy, the most show off want in my tuition, and when he saw a mouse running towards him, he jumped ! I hate those kind of men and the men who only think about vagina ! They are idiot ! God gave them life to live it well, full of everything and not horny stuff !

Woman have the rights to speak ! The rights to do everything ! Don't think that woman is weak. They're not and the more men look down upon them , the more they will strike ! BEWARE you !

And I'm not saying all man are bad ! Honestly, some are very sweet and kind ! For those idiot fellows that Big Man knows, WATCH OUT !!

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